Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, NMLS # 1862788
3322 NE 33rd St
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, upgrading to accommodate an expanding family - or refinancing to obtain more favorable terms or remodeling funds, I’ll ensure your best interests are at the heart of the loan solution I’ll choose for you. My rock solid reputation is based upon integrity-based lending practices and a program portfolio that suits even the most challenging financing situations.

From application through closing and every step along the way, you’ll be confident in Gold Star’s truly simple, transparent and award-winning process. I understand it’s both my privilege and responsibility to earn your trust, and I’ll never be satisfied until you are delighted with your experience.

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Bradford James Ballard
Mortgage Loan Originator
(954) 643-8539
NMLS #1862788

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